Sunday, September 9, 2007

i like..

nivea for men deep cleaning face scrub. it's actually my older brothers, but he doesn't really come home much anymore. and he has about 4 bottles of it. :D

my hair- after its been straightened and then slept on. it seems natural and isn't stick straight.

positive thinking. makes me feel good about myself. :)

brushing my teeth. i hate it when my teeth feel plaque-y, but love it when theyre just brushed extra well!

my new franco sarto heels. i don't wear heels much (nor really have any either) and wearing these give me a whole new perspective (both visually and mentally).

think pink panties, or any other really comfy well fitted panties, for that matter. it's amazing how a single item of clothing can make you feel so much better (see heels, above).

earrings. dangly, studs.. since i recently gave myself a second ear piercing, i've grown to love 'em.

i don't like..
shedding. my hair falls out in huge bunches when i brush it etc, and theres always a strand on my desk and on my clothes.

mosquitoes. i seem to get new bites every weekend. and then i unconsciously scratch them, leading to ugly legs :(

coke. aiya. makes me feel jittery. too jittery.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let me start...

My name is Kitty. I'm part White and part Asian. I wanted my screen name to reflect that.

In six days I will begin the next school year as a junior.

I realize having a happy life is not a point which you can reach, but a path that you must make.

This blog will be about my thoughts and escapades in my journey to loving myself and my life.