Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Update

Hello everyone!

I've decided to chronicle my life regularly from now on. I've got tons to talk about too; my future relocation to the heart of my favorite city and hometown, my job hunt, my decision to join Big Brother Big Sister, my new found love of cooking, and my piqued interest in knitting.

To start it off, I am now a student at the University of Austin! I am so excited to be out of San Antonio and back in Austin. For those that don't know, I decided to go to UT San Antonio for a year and then transfer to UT Austin. UTSA was a great school and I had a wonderful time. I got to meet tons of new people, I got to feel like I was an adult (although sometimes I'd rather go back to those good ol' middle school days!), and had an otherwise nice and easy transition into the college world. But it did have it's downsides. As someone who grew up in the Austin suburbs, I longed for the vibrant downtown atmosphere. In San Antonio, I was also in a sprawled out suburban location, where I had to rely on chain stores for everything I needed. The only two local coffee shops in the area had shut down years before I started school. Also, the classes were pretty much as easy as in high school. No problem there, and they were just freshman classes, but some real brain stimulation is always good. Something to make up for those Friday nights, perhaps? Heh.

Now that I am back in Austin, I am ready! I am ready to live downtown, walk to the coolest local shops, have my own pad, and decorate it too! This begins my quest to find a cheap, yet suitable apartment. It's a big jump from San Antonio, where my brand new apartment, with in-unit washer and dryer, free cable and internet, and all bills paid, was only $520 a month. Downtown Austin, most of the buildings are 40 years old, most don't have any bills paid, and there's still nothing decent below $600. Of course what I won't be getting in amenities I will get in location, and I don't mind that.

I have been searching high and low for apartments since around February. Back then I was planning on living with my good friend from elementary school, so we were looking for 2 bedroom apartments. Some things have come up though, so now I am going to be living on my own. This means I have to restart my search!

More and more everyday I am being thrust into the world of Adult-dom. I find it thrilling, but sometimes I just wish it was a little slower, or I had a little more help, or maybe just a real job!

Until next time, Sarah.

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