Saturday, August 21, 2010

IBD Update, Ginger Tea, Nutrition

Hey, guys. I have some great news. But first, an update.

In my last post, I discussed being diagnosed with IBD. I'm now on Mesalamine, an anti-inflammatory drug, and seemed to get immediate results after my first dose. Within one day, I no longer was in pain and didn't feel like I had to rush to the bathroom 10 times a day. Because I felt so much better, I indulged myself in Short Stop fried chicken tenders and Wendy's bacon deluxes... and now I'm almost back to where I started. Anything high in animal fat, processed sugar, or irritating like alcohol or caffeine can trigger my IBD, giving me pain and all the other fun that comes with a flare up. I definitely need to follow a strict diet or I will suffer from the consequences. I've found that it's not hard to refuse alcohol at a party. There is usually at least one other person not drinking, and no one puts on any pressure. Avoiding beef is not hard either. I just order chicken instead when I go out to eat. I have been meaning to stop eating red meat, anyway. Only time can tell how long I'll avoid coffee...

My mom has made me a big pot of ginger tea to drink. She say's it is supposed to help with digestion and inflammation. I feel so fancy drinking it out of this dainty, gold-rimmed glass. The good thing is that with the addition of a small spoon of sugar, I feel like I'm drinking ginger candy! I can definitely see myself drinking this in the future. Iced ginger tea, perhaps? I AM in Texas.

Now for my great news.

I am officially a Nutrition major!!!
It turns out it's really easy to switch, even for students with my type of financial aid. I start school 3 days and now I'm scrambling to sign up for all my new classes. But I couldn't be happier.

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