Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mexican Dinner Party, Hai Ky & Outback, My New Apartment

Navid's birthday was this week, so to honor it a few friends and I hosted a small dinner party. I was really nervous that the food wouldn't turn out very well, but everything tasted great. The menu included chicken enchiladas, bean and cheese enchiladas, Spanish rice, Mexican inspired romaine salad, vegetarian crunchy tacos, fresh guacamole, and bean and corn salsa. And of course everyone sipped on some margaritas. Except for me.

I was so exhausted from making the food (there was a lot) that I forgot to take pictures of the food! Not to mention people started chowing down right as it came out the kitchen. Here are some pics I did manage to get.


With the birthday boy

Some of them got him Disaronno. It was the perfect gift.


I have found my new favorite Vietnamese place. It is called Hai Ky and it is nestled in the corner of Guadalupe and MLK, right next to campus.

This heaping bowl of fresh ingredients was their chicken bun. I usually always order beef bun, but chicken is not only healthier for me and the environment, but also just as delicious as well. I love that they gave a generous portion of peanuts, rather than let it serve as only a garnish. Hai Ky is actually two stores down from another pho place I've been to, but the quality and taste are 100 times better (literally, read the reviews in the link). The cucumber was something I've never seen before in bun and gave it some great crunchy texture. I've only had bun so good at Kim Phung up North, but subsequent visits there showed me their greatness isn't always consistent. I hope the same is not true for Hai Ky!

While I've been trying to lay low on the eating out, I had to go to Outback to visit my favorite server and best friend. Shout out to Jessa! She supplied me with the greasiest (french fries with cheese), tastiest food (shrimp), delectable drinks (raspberry tea), and mouthwatering desserts (carrot cake). Yum!


So I've been talking about getting apartment since I revived this blog. As of now, I am all moved into a place and living the life. Here are some "before" pictures, since I am planning on doing a few improvements to the place, as well as some organizing (please excuse the mess!)

The dining room

The kitchen

The living room (yes that is a microwave on the floor)

Built in desk

The bedroom. I don't have internet yet, so Navid and I are mooching off the school. Unfortunately the only place it works is right here on the bed.

As you can see, my place is kind of small. It's about 400 sq ft. I think it's the perfect size for one. My place is definitely older than many of the student apartments around here, which boast stone countertops, laminate wood flooring, and other gizmos like updated blinds. Those things are nice, and I definitely wouldn't mind having them, but I honestly don't mind my set up.

It's all mine.

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Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

Hi! I'm glad you stopped by my blog. :) Your dinner party looks like fun and sometimes it's better to enjoy rather than worry about photography [so says the girl who won't let her friends eat their meals until she's snapped a dozen photos. ;)]

I will have to try that Vietnamese restaurant! (Perhaps an Austin blogger meet-up is in our future?)