Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Green Drinks~

I had my first green drink the other day! It wasn't *actually* green, more of an intimidating murky orange-green. I got it from the juice bar inside my local Whole Foods. The small size cost me a whopping $5.

It was pretty dang delicious, though! I used apple and orange juice for the base, and added spinach and carrot. The carrot was a little overpowering-- next time, I'll opt for something else.

I'm proud of the outfit I was wearing too.

I'm wearing a black dolman shirt from American Apparel, a tiny neon cheetah tube top from the sale rack at Forever 21, jeans from Forever 21, and a flower necklace the Boy's mom got for me in Iran! I didn't end up wearing those shoes though. Forgive me for my messy room! All of my belongings are shoved into my old room at my 'rents' place. It sure is a nightmare.

My outfit today was kind of cute as well.

The purple top is from Korea, the two necklaces, bracelet, and skinny studded belt are from Forever 21, and the shorts are probably from TJ Maxx. I don't usually wear much jewelry, or any super feminine clothes for that matter, so this outfit made me feel ultra cute. :)

Today I just chilled at the Boy's and watched the Spain v. Germany game, cleaned out the inside of my car, and chowed on some organic and vegetarian tacos at Kerbey Lane Cafe. After I got home I ran some errands for my mom, and now I have to pack for D A L L A S! My trip to visit my girlies got postponed until tomorrow. I can't wait~

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Anonymous said...

You look "ultra cute" in any outfit :)

P.S. That drink from whole foods was gross! :P

-the "Boy"