Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer is almost over. I honestly haven't done much these 3 months, except sit around and hang out with friends. I never did get a job. I only half-heartedly looked, and now I'm cringing as my bank account hovers right over zero. It's really nice to have a guy who will pay for you when you eat out, but even with free meals I try not to do it all the time. Sometimes it gets difficult though, because the boy comes from a family that likes to eat out together, when we get bored or hungry eating out sounds like a good option, and whenever large groups of us kids hang out the only feasible thing for us all to do is go to a restaurant.

This is making me think about my dream date. I actually have a few right now.

1. Have frozen yogurt (preferably chocolate with strawberries and almonds) and then go to Build a Bear. The boy already took me to Build a Bear on our first date :)

2. Visit Austin Amish Furniture and act like very serious buyers. I am honestly interested in seeing what kind of furniture they have, but telling the employee a story about say... me and the boy buying our first house together, or even having a baby :O would make it so much more fun. Then visit Dream Bakery (a local bakery across the road), eat decadent pastries, and laugh about how much we got away with.

3. Go to a pick-your-own farm. This is my most recent date idea. In the Spring and Summer there are black- and blueberries, tomatoes, watermelons, peaches, and much more. I wish I could go at 6:30 AM, right when the sun rises and the weather is bearable, wearing a cute sundress and a big straw hat. Then bring the big bounty home and freeze it, bake with it, and make smoothies, sorbets, ice cream, and cakes! This also sounds like a fun family activity I could bring my little brother to.

These will happen sometime soon, I hope.

Dallas was a blast! Here are some pictures.

I'm the one in the yellow, Esther is in the white, and Sharon is in the navy. If the current apartment I'm looking at right now doesn't work out, I'll get a room with Sharon. I've been working with a realtor Sharon referred me to, but he has been such a hassle!!! This morning at the crack of dawn I looked at an apartment downtown with my mom. I go back uptown and after a few hours of deliberation with my mom, we decide to go for the apartment, if the owner decides to give us a few concessions (like new paint). I asked my realtor twice if only an application fee would be enough to start the processing on my paperwork and hold the apartment until we hear back from the owner, and he said yes both times. So I drive downtown a second time to drop off my application and fee. Right after I get back uptown again, he calls saying he actually does need a deposit. Great. Luckily my older brother who lives downtown was home and about to leave. We get him to drop off the deposit. Phew. But wait! Now the realtor's told me I need to pay another fee for the guarantor form, a form I haven't filled out or even seen.

Mr. Realtor.... are there ANY more fees I need to know about? Please tell me now. Blah.

Here's a salad I made this week.

Clockwise, from the top: polenta, bacon, a boiled egg, pine nuts, and alfalfa sprouts. Topped with a homemade lemon vinaigrette and served with a side of cantaloupe. Yum.

My boy left today on a road trip to California. I miss him!

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Anonymous said...

That realtor sounds like an idiot! It'll work out though. And nice pics, looking beautiful as always babe. I miss you too!

-your boy

P.S. We don't eat out that often! Haha :p