Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

What are your plans? I am going to do a few fireworks with my little brother at the house, then probably bring him to the bf's neighborhood for a fireworks show.

That brings me to my next subject... Me and Navid are now official! Last night he took me out to Build a Bear Workshop and Oasis and asked me to be his girlfriend.

At Build a Bear, I picked the longhorn and named him Calf McCoy. I didn't buy him any outfits, only a Texas Longhorn handkerchief. Of course my mom had to say, "was Navid to cheap to buy a whole outfit?" No, of course he wasn't :) I just didn't want any clothes, they didn't fit well on my bigger-than-the-average-teddy-bear cow.

Oasis was magical! For those that don't know, Oasis is a huge restaurant situated on Lake Travis, facing west so it has stunning views of the sunset. Around an hour before nightfall, the restaurant gets really crowded! Of course, my undecisiveness at Build a Bear made us kind of late to Oasis. With an hour wait time, we missed the sunset by a lot! It turned out pretty good anyway, because people by the lake were shooting fireworks. It was a really beautiful show.

I orded the Mahi a la Pina, mahi fish with pinapple pico on Spanish rice with vegetables. It was kind of bland. Next time I'll stick to the real Tex-Mex! While Oasis has a great view, they're not known for great food.

I had a great time anyway, and I'm super excited for tonight. Have a nice evening, folks!

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